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Piera 1899 - Selezione di Piera

Piera 1899 / Wines / Selezione di Piera / Milo

Bianco D.O.C. Friuli

The must slowly ferment in stainless steel at a controlled temperature. The wine rests together with the grape skins in French barriques for 10 months with frequent ‘bâttonage’. The cuvée is created before bottling.

Technical Sheet
Grapes Chardonnay, Sauvignon
Production Area Chardonnay, Sauvignon
Aspect and Elevation 200 metri s.l.m.
Soil Type Alluvial, gravelly and sandy
Training System Guyot
Planting Density 5300 vines per hectare
Harvest Period End of August
Release End of Summer
Alcohol Content 14% vol.
Residual Sugar 2 g/ lit
Total Acidity 5 g/ lit
Serving Temperature 10° C
Recommended Glass Medium-sized, tulip-shaped glass
Ageing Potential Four years
Format (ml) 750
Piera 1899 - Pinot Grigio Organic
Tasting note
Brilliant deep straw yellow, crystalline and consistent. Full fragrance, delicate with fruits and floral tones over soft boisé notes. Rich and warm, elegantly structured, it offers to the palate an excellent long flavour that, after lingering, evolves into lightly toasted fruits and dried flowery notes.

Serving suggestions
This wine can be savored by itself because of its complex structure; ideal for fish dishes, ripe cheeses, vegetable flans and lightly prepared white meats.