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Beginning in 1899, at the Padua estate, Piera’s story has been passed down through the family from generation to generation, from father to daughter, unusual people taking turns to break through new frontiers, time and again.

Founded by her grandfather Giovanni, developed by her father Mario, Piera 1899 owes its reputation both in Italy and abroad to Piera Martellozzo who has given her name and, for over twenty-five years, her leadership to it with determination and gentleness.

Suffused with her pioneering, ahead-of-her-times spirit, the firm conquered its primary role in the Italian wine scenario with talent, frequently anticipating trends and seeking out its own path to quality, beyond fashion.

Since the 1990s thoroughgoing reassessment work on then little known native vines was done with varieties such as Raboso del Piave and Ribolla Gialla. In 1998 the first organic wine range was brought out. Since the noughties an ever growing Prosecco production has been supplemented by new sparkling wines such as Muller Thurgau and Moscato Giallo.

In recent years Piera 1899 has consolidated its roots and become a benchmark in Italy and overseas with a particular presence in the US and Northern European markets.

“Mapping places, identifying the most promising plots, extracting must which expresses all the grapes’ magnificence to create sparkling and stylish wines which are a pleasure for the tastebuds, the hands and the eyes: we are privileged to be able to devote ourselves body and soul to a trade which is, first and foremost, a story with deep roots and a self-conscious choice renewed every day”.

Piera Martellozzo - Wine Creator

Piera Martellozzo - Piera 1899

The commitment to quality

The recognised quality of Piera 1899 wines is the result of everyday hard work founded on respect for the land and its traditions nurtured by an innate propensity for innovation. It is a commitment which takes the form of maximum process and wine making choice sustainability aimed at minimum environmental impact.

Professionalism, responsibility and openness to the new: these are the values which inspire Piera Martellozzo. Expanding her working group, she has built a cohesive team of trained professionals with whom she shares her drive for quality and respect for the environment she works in.

Vini Rossi - Limited Edition - Piera 1899