Friuli - Azienda Vinicola - Piera 1899

Chosen Lands

Sky and sea,
no-frontiers vineyards

In San Quirino in Pordenone province, in the north east of Italy, Piera 1899 chose Friuli Grave as its homeland of choice. Here the mountains to the north shelter the soil from the coldest winds. The Adriatic sea to the south, on the other hand, mitigates the temperatures contributing to creating a microclimate which is especially well-suited to vineyards.

Originally a flood plain, the land surface is large and stony with considerable night and day time temperature differences, favouring an ideal concentration of aromatic substances in grape skins and thus intense, elegant aromas as well as naturally acidic pulp, indispensable to wine conservation.

Over time Piera 1899 has widened its horizons whilst never losing sight of quality and consolidating its oenological roots in the north east of Italy of which it is a natural expression nurtured by a centuries’ long legacy of culture, art and history.

Coming from vineyards in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Trentino, diverse regions sharing a historic wine making tradition, the grapes made into wine today are the quintessence of a land shaped by its rivers for millennia, on which vines prosper. Places suffused with know-how, beauty and traditions born in the midst of Veneto villas and vestiges of the historic Venetian Republic are cut through with a legacy of knowledge which is decanted into every single glass of our wine.

La famiglia Martellozzo - Piera 1899
Azienda Vinicola - Piera 1899